Bands we have promoted so far:

Across the Border (Web)
One of Germany's most talented folk- punk outfits, Across the Border, featuring an intense rhythm section, ATB derives most of their melody from accordion and fiddle with electric guitar tastefully complimenting their sound when needed.
Kalashnikov Collective (Web)
The Dreadnoughts (Web)
The Dreadnoughts aren't just a band, they're an advocacy group, ruthlessly promoting the idea that folk and punk music form a perfect union. They've been literally destroying stages and swilling ciders the world over, spreading their gospel to anyone and everyone who will listen. Musically, the Dreadnoughts travel where many fear to tread, embracing a huge range of European folk traditions. For proof, look no further than their upcoming release, "Polka's Not Dead". This recording is strewn with polkas, gypsy dances and sea shanties.
Guts Pie Eearshot(Web)
Miss Bolivia(Bandcamp)
Pipes and Pints (Web)
Punkrock with Highland Bagpipes (cz/usa). Melodical punkrock music mixed with sound of highland bagpipes, influenced by infinite portion of punk, rock, folk, bagpipe music, country and rock'n'roll.
La Plebe (Web)
Emanating from the pubs, cantinas, and concert halls of San Francisco California, a bilingual punk quintet known as La Plebe, has kept busy for over nine years now playing shows relentlessly throughout Mexico, the United States, and Europe (including four tours of the Balkans). With an honest and energetic live show that is often stained by blood, sweat, and many an onstage beer, members of La Plebe speak from experience, proudly reflecting upon memories of swollen lips, bruised arms, the occasional vomit, maybe a tear or two, and even sometimes, a captivating toe-tapper or sing along song to boot....
Talco (Web)
Talco are a strongly anti-fascist and anti-racist combat ska-punk group that believes in the independence of music and in the message that it must send against all discrimination.

Born as a ska band, over time they found a sound all their own, mixing Patchanka rhythms typical of the Mano Negra with punk and ska, sometimes dabbling in Balkan and Kletzmer, but always true to their heritage of Italian singer-songwriters, especially when it comes to the lyrics.

The VadVuc (Web)